2009 Peace Conference

2009 Peace conference Video – Educating the Heart

  1. My older brother, John, sent me this video 2-3 years ago… there are various portions of the video that I want to point out, that all fit into the first panel in the video. The full Video is 1:29:05 but all of my references are from zero to 0:51:30
    • The panel consists of
      • The Dalai Lama
      • Murray Gell-Mann, physicist
      • Sir Ken Robinson, educator
      • Blue Man Group
      • Daniel Siegel, psychiatrist
      • Eckhart Tolle, author, The power of Now
    • Their talk gave me lots to think about in terms of creative and the unconscious as well as conscious mind
    • Here’s a write up about it
  2. Murray Gell-Mann is a theoretical physicist and was the winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1969 for his work on the classification of subatomic particles.
    • Gell-Mann, talks about how the unconscious and conscious mind each play a role in our seeking solutions to problems
    • His comments are found between 04:20 – 07:25 of the video’s total of 1:29:05
  3. This was a hard decision for me to watch this video. I had to get over my inhibitions. Fears of all kinds are evoked as soon as I see a collection of great thinkers like this, none of whom seem to know or refer to the Gospel.
  4. After watching this, I found myself burdened. Heavy hearted that we, Christ’s body, are left out of such conversations such as these, not because we are Christ Like, but because we are the way we are. I believe with all my heart that Jesus Christ would sit amoung these fellows with ease, and be part of the conversation. I hope God keeps me alive long enough to become like that JESUS CHRIST.
Laurence Brand