A Wife

A Wife

A most treasured garden.

She needs your sunshine to green her leaves, your rain to brighten her colors, and your wind to lift her sweet fragrance to you.

Lord, is there a key to this garden? Would that key make it mine? Would it then be mine to spoil or mine to tend?

I Love to swim in her pools, bathe in her fountains, run and laugh in her meadows nestle quietly and sleep a peaceful sleep in the sweet cool misty air, moonlit and quiet.

Lord make me wise, make me courageous, to drive away all pestilence, put out every fire and cage up every wild beast.

Lord, teach me to be her Gardner, to tend her delicate herbs, to recognize the weeds, and to see the rare foliage.

Teach me to delight in her beauty;

so many times I’ve trampled through. I’ve disregarded the beauty there to experience myself.

Teach me, O Lord, to sit quietly in her garden, to hear the cricket’s click, see each spider spin, smell each subtle fragrance watch the sun rise on each new morning’s dew, to know each hill and valley and to explore each and every pathway.

Who would have a key to this garden’s inner court?

Where only she can open.

Where only she can invite me in.

With fear and trembling I would enter.

Teach me, O Lord, being careful not to cause, a single flower’s petal fall, that lies within her

A most treasured Garden