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Re-reading is so vital for hearing what the author is saying.

I do that with most of the books I’ve read.

…in this pic, do you see the word


Brings to mind the concept Abraham Maslow wrote about in

Towards A Psychology of Being (1962)

I wonder if the acceptance is based on,




Here are some notes on Maslow’s viewpoint

D – is for deficiency

B – is for Being

‘cognition’ –

“the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses”

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* everyone is seen in terms of either fulfilling a need (how can I use them)


as a threat to what I have or obstacle to me getting what I want

One image he uses is an insect 🦋 🐜 🐝🐛🐞🕷🦗🦟🦂 collection.

It’s caught, and either pinned to a board, or in its cage, with the other of its species, and named.

Amoung the classifications will be the threat or use to the one collecting them.

B-cognition is seeing everyone as they actually are, without classifying them. He mentions how LANGUAGE takes the concrete and makes it abstract.

As I begin to describe an animal, for instance, you can soon figure out if I need something to eat.

In truth, you can eat a horse. But is that the best use for it? On the other hand… you’re stranded on a deserted island, and come across a herd of horses…