Home Group


A cookie tin, with a lid

Journals would be ideal, or clipboards, pens and paper



  • Before evening begins, place enough “scriptures” (See below) in the cookie tin for there to be three more than the number of people you think will be attending that evening
  • Scriptures:
    • I take a scripture I’ve been meditating on during the week and ask God to bring to my mind other scriptures.
    • I have enough scripture for the full context of why that scripture came to MY mind
      • On the back of each ‘paper’ have reminder, NO FIXING others
  • Think of real world examples to share, from your own life, of how the scripture you meditated on effects you, or a question you are asking about it
  • You don’t have to share anything, wait until you know it’s time to do so, maybe that’s not this evening
  • Begin:

    Ideally all silent on arrival
    We’re still working toward this as a group
    Prayerful, meditation
    Each person takes a verse at random from box without looking
    Timer set for 00:15:00
    Pray, read, meditate, take notes

Break Silence:

  • timer alarm should be gentle
  • Remind everyone that silence has officially ended, but can continue until someone feels ready to begin


  • Each person shares what is happening for them
  • no fixing <- click there to read Parker Palmer’s reasons for listening and supporting as opposed to fixing, advising, saving, setting each other straight
  • Write the whole scripture or just the reference and range

Example of choosing scripture:

Click on a date below to see a set of verses


For help getting related scriptures together:

  • Blue Letter Bible interlinear resource

• Cross reference bible


We then let each person speak as they feel so moved, &/or ready to do so

Using opening phrases like:

  • This scripture brought to my mind…
  • I realize that I need to…

Or sometimes a person will ask questions that others can explore with them, BUT I have found that the question is one that goes deeper than just a quick answer, it’s more often than not a word God is giving that person, and also the group

Pondering the answer over the next week, or even years is a wonderful experience of fellowship with God, and our brothers and sisters in Christ, through his Holy Spirit