• My understanding of this word ‘muse’ is…
    • the person to whom the writer is writing. So a book which can be read by anyone is actually written to a particular somebody
    • all that I’m relating, and the language I use, the kind of humour, the vocabulary level, is all tailored to that person as thought it were to them alone.
    • The more I know about the person I’m writing TO the more it influences on how I write.
    • this influence is not a conscious influence, though it’s not exactly unconscious either
    • I hope to interact with people on these topics through this Blog site, and hopefully someone will comment on this topic
      • similar topic is the impact of the listener on the speaker
      • here’s one study I just found on that topic
    • BUT the actual muse may never read what I’m writing.
    • This whole topic fascinates me immensely

I’ve been imposing this on people for years, and have at times been quite upset about the person’s lack of response to what I’m writing to them. Their interest in me doesn’t match my interest in them. It’s maybe like an unrequited love interest.

When my son Nicholas was suddenly back in my life, I was so inspired that I was in tears. And the things that I was inspired about gave me much to think about. It’s like a prophetic sort of inspiration. Call it my unconscious mind speaking, or the Holy Spirit inspiring me, or anything in between, that’s for the scholarly types to decipher. But one thing I learned is that it has nothing to do with Nicholas’ spirituality or lack there of. He was overwhelmed by the volume of stuff I was writing to him.

I have lots of examples like this.

The whole wonderful outcome of it all is that I got some seriously good writing done.

I actually LEARN as I write.