My little epiphany

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When my son, Nicholas, first came along his Mom and I had a nickname for him. It was simply:


So alternatively I could have named this post,

My Nicholas Epiphany

I think it’s mildly amusing that just two days ago it was the first holiday after Christmas in the Catholic calendar, Epiphany 2019 Simply put, he and I need to

LET one another BE

Food for thought,

All Things to All People

Abraham Maslow came up with and uses the terms B-cognition and D-cognition, in his book, Towards a Psychology of Being.


Parker Palmer also talks about the Taoist notion of “let be”

I hope to explore those ideas in greater detail, but for now I can give a brief idea of what I mean when I say that we have to let each other BE.

There’s mutual respect of one another’s will to grow.

There’s respect for one another’s stage in spiritual growth. Criticism of one another’s spiritual life is another topic to pursue. But leaving one another ‘alone’ to live and die in God’s care, is the beginning of loving one another as Christ loved us.

I don’t know what to do about the suffering and pain you’ve gone through. Your struggle with that will be a life long struggle.