Smile, and Wave

“As I understand it, the “wave” of a sacrificial object was a way to present it to God.” John Oakes

A wave offering would present something to God (such as a portion of meat or bread), and essentially say, “This is Yours, God.” The nation came before God, and essentially said, “These Levites belong to You, LORD.” David Guzik

Reading in the book of Numbers this morning for my Bible reading I felt a bit guilty. Was it guilt? Not doing what I SHOULD do or what I USUALLY do… that was the kind of guilty I mean. But, I proceeded, the same kind of attitude that I have when I’m mindlessly browsing through video’s on YouTube. By browsing I mean I click on the suggestions there on the page when I open it’s website. Guided by my past choices, and their agenda, and if I understood alogarithms enough to even be able to spell the word properly I’d mention that to.

Why was I reading my Bible. A little voice in my head reminded me that my friend, Angie Ferreira, had asked me if I read the verse of the day (from the YouVersion app) and she continued to point out there are also daily reading plans. I had something else on my mind at the time, but the little seed had been planted, and I believe the Holy Spirit to be at the bottom of it – the seed was the thought that my daily routine did not include simple bible reading anymore.

I’ve become like the one’s who so quickly turn me off. I am become a person who is reading the bible so that I can tell other people what it means, bypassing what it means to me at times. Doing the very thing I don’t believe in. I feel shame as I type this. I feel that I am going to back space over it. LOL!

So, this morning I plodded on. I randomly opened my bible to Numbers chapter seven. “Offerings at the Dedication of the Tabernacle” – it’s a listing of what each of the leaders of the 12 tribes of Israel brought. I read one, and then another… ok, I skimmed one, and then skimmed another… and noticed that they are the same offerings. Is this them imitating one another? How like me to right away implicate myself, by criticizing these men that I knew nothing. I am weary of myself. I shrugged my shoulders

shrugs_002and moved on in my reading. As I read chapter eight, something caught my eye.

I was literally half invested in this devotion. Cheryl had already come downstairs and was chattering away in her ‘small child’ like way about stuff in the news that she read from her NEWS1130 app on her little iPhone, her coffee beside her, getting cold (her version of this is that she’s waiting for it to cool off)

sfd – this was a random grouping of letters to hold the next line place while I clicked on the above paragraph to indent it. In otherwords I was violating, as I am now, the process Anne Lamott calls SFD’s… unconscious mind reaching out to mildly correct me?


I guess I should be