One of the many epiphanies of late is something I gained from a new friendship, Tim Bateman.

My TANGENTS are at times annoying to me, as well as people that I am trying to have a conversation with. I’ll go off on one, and then either forget “how I got here”, or I’ve run out of time to talk. Most times I learn as I talk. It’s been in reading that I found out that makes me a person who learns through talking. I’m getting tired of tangents now as I try to write this. Even with my clever idea of hyperlinks. Maybe I’ll remember to link to that quote from The Harvard Business Review.

But those tangents are tempered by the person I’m talking with, and by the context in which we find ourselves. By it’s very nature conversation is suppose to be interactive. I do best in an interactive conversation. It was pointed out to me that there is a dynamic between listener and speaker that influences the quality of the conversation. Likened to what happens when I a musician is playing his greatest hits to a room full of his most ardent fans, as opposed to playing them for people who have never heard of him, nor appreciate his music.

In my struggle to write all my thoughts down in a cohesive manner I have been at an impasse. It was on this past Saturday that I embarked on this present Blog called Ever Increasing Joy, and as I did so I was apprehensive. I didn’t want to lose what I’d gained from my writing with pen and paper.

Tim said something the other day that will stay with me forever.

“for each technological advance we gain, but we also lose something”

What I gained from this Blog is the ability to use hypertext to allow my reader to explore what I am saying more deeply. But they can also read the basic page, without deeper exploration. What results is a short version and long version, all in one.