The Third Panel

The third panel was an oil painting. The same fence post can be seen in the foreground, but all that remains of it’s former ‘glory’ is the snapped off bits of wire hanging off of it. It’s a winter scene, and there is an ice puddle at the base of the post, with tall grass still visible here and there.

Looking over in the distance we see a cold, dark city landscape at night. Tall cold buildings, and in between the foreground of the fence post, and the distant city you see a vacant lot, with tipped over trash cans, and a dismantled fence of a different kind. The scene is desolate.

I remember my Mum apologizing for her reaction to it. She said it made her feel cold and miserable. I told her not to be sorry, because that was the impression I wanted the viewer to have.

I don’t know what became of that painting.