Tim Bateman

Tim Bateman is the husband of Julia Bateman, an Art Therapist who once upon a time worked with our youngest son, Ashton.

From that link you’ll note amoung his degrees,

  • Bachelor’s Degree, Archaeology
  • Master’s Degree, Oral History

I’ve know them for a couple of years now. Only recently did I Google his name to find out more about him. I was quite humbled when I saw what he’s been up to in his life.

I would say it’s NOT one of my gifts to be humble. Not like this man anyways. And its not an assumed kind of humility. He just doesn’t talk about himself in terms of his degrees and the various jobs he’s had throughout his career.

I don’t know how to put it, I have something to aspire to, and I’m inspired.

His acceptance of me makes me shudder. I think it’s only because of my 29 years as a Bus Driver that I’m able to talk so freely with people from all walks of life. If I’d known all this about him when I first met him, I’m not sure if I would have spoken to him differently. He’s certainly let me yap away about ME… so much so that I’m all done now, and am eager to just ask him questions and listen.

I’d asked him one day to help me understand what a degree in Oral History IS, and in his subsequent conversations with me I’ve been learning things that aren’t necessarily and merely NEW, but are also confirmations and finishing touches on things I’ve been learning all my life.

One of the projects he’s currently working on is on local History, and he told me about a book, 1491. It was after I read that book and spoke to him and others for that matter, that I finally heard, and realized the implications of the fact that the peoples of the Western Hemisphere did not have a written language. Charles C Mann uses the word “Indians” in his book, but after reading his book I find it hard to use such an irreverent name for these marginalized people.

How we communicate with one another in our modern age has been a life long passionate interest of mine. And my desire to write has been mired in this very thing. I have developed my conversation skills in my last 28+ years as a Transit operator, just to survive the many different situations that arise. This ability to talk to people of all walks of life is hard to deal with when I am writing a book to an envisioned much larger audience.